Grand Sonno
Grand Sonno convertible Grand Sonno convertible convertible convertible Grand Sonno Grand Sonno

Grand Sonno

convertible cot

Growing up along with your baby.

     When a cot grows up with your baby beyond the first years and adapts to the needs of every moment keeping the elegance and reliability, it stops being just a cot to become GRAND SONNO. It transforms itself into a bed, a desk or a free arrangement set of four shelves. Its exquisite optional handmade finish in natural silk, provides a perfect padding for your baby. It is made to assure a high degree of sturdiness and resistance.


     GRAND SONNO incorporates the SafeBlock protection system, avoiding the risk of the cot’s rail to fall towards the inside. Thanks to its manufacture in one piece, free of toxic adhesives, and the external assembly system with 30 mm supports, it provides more than three times more resistance and protection, elevating by doing so, the present standards. Move GRANDSONNO with its 360º multidirectional wheels.


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Price: 4844€

- Multidirectional wheels.

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