Nexus cómoda cómoda cómoda cómoda



A different feeling of space.

      The NEXUS chest of drawers is characterized by its innovative and practical spaces on each side, providing a unique interior storage capacity. For a higher comfort, it offers a wide space that you can use as a changer. With a strong outline, it provides an outstanding elegance and extremely Safe character.

     Specially designed, it allows the opening of all the compartments, keeping the weight and reducing the risk of accident. It is also equipped with the rail brake system ProtectingFingers and Push knobs in personalized steel. Move GRANDSONNO with its 360º multidirectional wheels. Mobility and comfort are always present in all the products by BABY SUOMMO.

Usually ships in: 15 days

Price: 3157€

- Multidirectional wheels.
- Delivery of the product completely assembled.

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